By capitalizing on two emerging trends, service oriented architecture (SOA) and Open Source, Entaros best practice consulting group will help you master critical business challenges with unprecedented flexibility. Solutions integrated in an SOA create reusable processes in a maintainable environment. With Entaros you have option of closed source or Open Source solutions. This gives you a decision advantage that translates in cost, time to market, functionality, reliability and freedom from one-vendor-solutions.

Availability of source code opens wide the innovative possibilities of the underlying technologies. Architecting solutions in such a manner will greatly improve organizational agility and promote innovation. Our consultants can help your internal teams set the groundwork for this innovation to occur, all at a lower-total-cost-of-ownership when compared to proprietary commercial vendor solutions or home grown systems.


The following section describes a number of the ways we can work with you to solve your technology problems:

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Packaged Application Services

Open Source software package implementations are challenging. With over 140,000 projects on alone, and thousands of distributed developers around the world producing new code and new applications each month, understanding the particular nuances of Open Source software in any given space can be daunting. For companies that have the time and resources to conduct their own rigorous analysis and provide implementation assistance to the business group, most Open Source ISVs provide adequate support. However, for companies that require high quality, fast, on-time, within budget deployments that meets business needs, Entros Corp. will seamlessly step in to assist.
Our package application delivery teams have gone through extensive domain, process and application training in their respective disciplines, gaining intimate knowledge of the Open Source technology in which we work. The disciplines covered by our group include:

  • Enterprise portals
  • Messaging and collaboration
  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise content management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Business intelligence

Open Source alternatives exist for almost every category of software. Across your enterprise at the group level, Open Source software applications will reduce use restrictions, provide greater choice, lower license costs and reduce time-to-market.
Our expert consulting team can help your company with:

  • Consulting & selection
  • Application customizations
  • Implementation & global rollouts
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Data migration
  • Process reengineering
  • Testing
  • Support
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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & Web Services

Web services technology, by reducing integration complexity, will allow enterprises to build stronger and faster relationships with customers and partners. This in turn will mean fast turn around time for services and reduced time to market for products for your customers.
We believe that Web Services technology allows businesses to offer to their customers the ability to leverage their existing IT applications by moving them from the core of the enterprise to the edge by externalizing and thus making them accessible beyond their usual problem space. Through these initiatives we help you achieve this vision and derive value from your investments.
Entaros is a recognized player in the Web Services integration and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) consulting space and has developed solutions around web services technology for its companies such as Rogers Communications, Research in Motion and OmniScout.
With its thorough understanding of a wide range of Web Services standards (UDDI, SOAP, WSDL, XML), popular platforms (J2EE, MS .Net) and vendor applications (JBOSS, BEA WebLogic, etc.), Entaros provides a wide range of Web Services offerings such as:

  • Consulting and Architecturing SOA
  • Product Engineering and Maintenance
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Business Process Integration
  • B2B Integration
  • Enterprise WEB Services Management
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Custom Application and Services Development

With Custom Application Development you can see through your business strategies to the end, especially when packaged software does not adequately address your requirements. Application Development Outsourcing ensures that geography no longer poses a hurdle.
Entaros delivers Custom Application Development services within the context of your business objectives and strategies.
Our custom solutions and applications:

  • Give you a consistent edge over your competition
  • Address gaps in the functionality provided by commercial packaged applications
  • Address aspects of the business process unique to your business
  • Address business process for which solutions are not available on the market

Some key features of our Custom Application Development approach:

  • Predefined methodologies and frameworks
  • Structured and managed requirements definition process
  • Proprietary tools to improve effectiveness of the development process
  • Process-oriented development methodology
  • Strong focus on quality
  • Rigorous program management processes
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Technology Consulting

Top line growth, reducing operational cost, increasing customer satisfaction and effective use of information for competitive differentiation are the top business priorities for the CEOs today. It is thus no surprise that the CIO’s focus is surely shifting from techno-centric IT to business-centric IT. To facilitate this journey, Entaros brings together key IT consulting services that address aspects of reducing cost, increasing agility and enabling transformation. Our consulting offerings are based on an analytical approach to understand business problems, resulting in practical recommendations and actionable plans. Understanding business processes, identifying the right technology and mapping them innovatively is our perspective of a business service.
Our value proposition is based on a confluence of business knowledge, deep hands-on technology skills and a focused approach through the use of in-house methodologies, frameworks and tools.
Our key offerings include:

  • Service oriented architecture
  • Business process management
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Offshore Development Services
  • Application Portfolio Optimization
  • Technology Advisory
  • Adoption Services
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System Integration

Entros integration practice can define and incorporate business processes, proprietary methodologies, best practices and workflows into your company’s unique solution. Custom software or custom software mixed with Open Source provides the freedom to extend your software applications beyond constraints imposed by traditional closed-source commercial vendors. Our custom as well as Open Source system integration practice can help your company build-in proprietary business processes and integrate legacy and third-party systems at any level.
Integration is critical to extracting strategic advantage from all of your technology initiatives. Entros Corp. has amassed thousands of hours of experience managing software services – writing requirements and customizing, integrating and supporting Open Source solutions. Our unique approach of custom / Open Source solutions combined with a service-oriented architecture makes integration easy when compared to proprietary commercial closed source solutions. Respectively, what normally takes project teams years or months to integrate with commercial closed source systems, takes just weeks with proper mix of custom / Open Source software in a SOA.
Entros Open Source system integration practice provides:

  • Quicker project life cycles
  • Higher impact deliverables
  • Faster ROI
  • Lower total-cost-of-ownership